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Tom Read Wilson is here to take us on a rip-roaring tour through some of the most astonishing and amusing words in the English language with Every Word Tells a Story.

See how the English language evolved in this extraordinary exploration of the origins of everyday words. Full of funny stories and fascinating facts, Tom Read Wilson knows even the most ordinary-sounding word can have the most surprising story behind it!

Did you know, for instance, that:

The word 'bloomers' comes from Amelia Bloomer, who was a women's rights activist and owner and editor of the first U.S. newspaper edited by and for women, who wanted to move more freely in her knickers? Or that the word 'daisy' comes from the Old English daeges eage, meaning 'day's eye', because the petals of a daisy open at dawn and close at dusk? The word 'easel' comes from the Dutch word 'ezel', meaning donkey, because both are dependable and suitable for carrying a load? Or that English nicknames for police officers, 'bobbies' and 'peelers', both come from the names of Sir Robert Peel, British prime minister in the 1800s and creator of the first modern police force?

Each fascinating word is explored through a quirky, amusing story alongside the etymology, word origin and definition. Paired with beautiful, characterful illustrations by Ian Morris, Every Word Tells a Story is a perfect book for young wordsmiths, encouraging kids and adults alike to have fun whilst learning about language.

An A-Z of etymological exploration. Full of funny stories and fascinating facts exploring the origins of everyday words and how the English Language evolved. Each word has a story, the origin and definition paired with humorous illustrations by Ian Morris.” - The Bookseller

'fun, unique and stimulating.’ - All On The Board

Truly this a package of fun, and not just for little ones learning their words but for anyone interested in language.”  - Armadillo Magazine

Full of surprising facts and funny stories, this book shows you how words were born.” - The Week Junior

“the author’s enjoyment of words is infectious and he offers a wonderful insight into the creative evolution of language.” - JUNO Magazine

"The book is simple but yet so informative and interesting that it has taken us on some fabulous learning journeys." - The Green parent

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